Committees for Cities & Regions

Committees for Cities & Regions is an influential network of independent, like-minded organisations which operate to enhance their economic and social development.

They aim to build on the rising strength of Australia and New Zealand's cities and regions, working together to advance issues of national significance around population growth, economic development and social cohesion.

Through individual membership, Committees for Cities & Regions is financially underpinned by almost 700 of the most significant corporate brands in Australasia. Each organisation brings together leaders from business and industry sectors with community and government organisations to identify and analyse local issues and work strategically to promote the development of their city or region as an exciting, dynamic place to live, work and play.

Committees for Cities & Regions is a collaborative alliance that brings together these individual organisations to maximise and empower their policy strength, knowledge base and advocacy power. Through this collaboration we can explore solutions that will help plan for future growth of our cities and regions and address the critical issues involved in this process such as population, infrastructure, environment, business, culture and lifestyles.

Committees for Cities & Regions is a growing network. Partners within the network include:

Who We Are

Each Committee represents a membership of organisations from their city or region and works beyond electoral cycles and party politics to enhance their social, economic and environmental sustainability to improve livability over the long term.

All network partners agree to abide by the guiding principles outlined by the Committees for Cities & Regions:

  1. We operate in a collegiate and cooperative manner
  2. We are part of the solution, not part of the problem
  3. We are politically astute but non - partisan
  4. We are a unifying voice and do not advance the self-interest of any individual member organisation
  5. We welcome new members

Committees for Cities  Regions Conference Auckland 2014

Photo: Committees for Cities & Regions Conference, Auckland, April 2014 (hosted by Committee for Auckland)

Auckland Facts

The Auckland region spans some 60 square kilometres and yet accounts for only 2 per cent of the land mass of New Zealand.

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